C.A.S Roofing, we provide homeowners with local residential roofing services near you. Whether you have a small leak, or your roof is falling apart, we have you covered. Regardless of the roofing services you need, We only uses top quality roofing materials for every job.


we provide homeowners with local residential roofing services near you. Whether you have a small leak, or your roof is falling apart, we have you covered. Regardless of the roofing services you need, We only uses top quality roofing materials for every job.

Insurance claim help

If your roof has been damaged, what should your first steps be? What roof damage is covered under your homeowners insurance? When storms damage your roof, file a claim with photos of the damage. Your policy should cover repairs, as long as wear and tear isn’t the cause. An inspector will assess the roof to determine payout.

Free inspections

we will conduct a free roof inspection, consult with you about design, and provide you with a quote, all at no charge to you. Our thorough inspection ensures that we are fully aware of the state of your roof and helps us to determine the proper solutions for any damages. We always honor the quotes that we give to our customers. If for any reason we run into more damage than we found during our free roof inspection, we will fix it at no additional charge to our customers—so there are never any surprises.

Roof replacements

There are many telltale signs that it’s time to call up a roof specialist to upgrade your home. But the first question to ask is, “How old is your roof?” If you have passed the 20 year mark with an asphalt roof, you may start seeing problems like cracking, balding, curling, or nails sticking out. Worst case scenario, you may have started experiencing leaks or water damage in your attic. This is strong evidence that your roof is well past its prime. Certain other materials can get more longevity. 

Roof repairs

Are you in need of roof repairs?

The specialists at C.A.S Roofing & Advising can take care of flashing, drip edges, leaks, and drafty homes to make sure your house is comfortable and protected. We offer roof repair services to mend and maintain all kinds of repair issues. Typically roof repairs are necessary due to either natural causes—such as hail damage or tree limbs falling down during a storm—or prior poor craftsmanship by untrained contractors. Leaky roof repairs are one of our most common requests from our customers

New construction roofs

Having a durable, long-lasting roof to keep your home protected is incredibly important.  roofing systems are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their resistance and extra-long life cycles. Although the initial costs of a roof are higher, they tend to last significantly longer than traditional roofing materials. Intense storms, fallen tree limbs, and extreme heat are no match for our roofing systems. We have build a strong reputation as a reliable roofing company that services all types ofl roofing installations.

Resident roofs

We are sure to provide you with the most essential and fundamental knowledge you need to learn about residential roofing. Our experienced professionals are the sort of people you want to have around when dealing with your roof maintenance concerns.

Rebuilding Community houses is one of our specialties. We ensure a long-term solution for your concerns while assuring a tight and most profitable connection with our staff and company.

Get your homes back in excellent and safe condition by getting your damaged roof fixed. Let us deal with your concerns and get back to life worry-free and safe!

Commercial roofs

Our team specializes in maintaining, repairing, and installing Malarkey shingles, rolls, and systems on churches, offices, warehouses, retail stores, and other buildings .


our main goal is to protect one of your greatest assets: your home. Ensuring your gutters are in great shape is incredibly important for maintaining the protection of your home. Properly functioning gutters divert water from your house so as to protect the exterior, foundation, and surrounding landscape, and even to prevent basement flooding.


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